Greenwood Travelling Scholarships

This fellowship is awarded annually to an established surgeon who would wish to visit the United Kingdom for a finite time period exceeding no more than twelve weeks.

The purpose is to observe paediatric surgical practice but also paediatric surgical training in the workplace.

The capacity is exclusively that of an observer so that problems of GMC registration do not arise.      The fund should make approximately £3,000 available for the trip. The local sponsor will be asked to disburse this money since banking arrangements have been difficult to establish for a fund whose recipient changes annually. A report is expected of the travelling fellow and that is given an international forum at the BAPS annual congress.

Applications are welcome through the International Affairs Committee who will ultimately advise BAPS Executive on the preferred fellow on the basis of the CV application and strength of local sponsorship. The local sponsor will be also expected to arrange for low cost local accommodation for the duration of the trip. This arrangement therefore excludes any employment contract and does not come into conflict with work permit regulations.

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Lister Travelling Fellow

This fellowship awards approximately £1,500 per year for the recipient to attend the BAPS annual congress.    It is anticipated that the local sponsor will make the necessary booking arrangements and facilitate accommodation, and therefore will be in receipt of the funding.

BAPS Executive is expected to confirm that there will be a waiver on the annual congress fee for the Lister Travelling Fellow.    The Lister Travelling Fellow will be presented to the congress in the closing ceremony but will be expected to make a brief contribution to the International Forum.      Application for the Lister Fellowship is through the International Affairs Committee and further details are available on the International Forum website.

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BAPS Scholarships

The International Affairs Committee proposes the development of BAPS conference scholarships which will assist four surgeons of trainee status who are within two years of consultancy to attend BAPS conferences, and also to provide a poster for the poster session.   These scholars will be pre-selected by their home specialty associations. Each scholar will receive

The offer for the 4 scholarships to attend the congress will be as follows;
2. Accommodation which will include up to a maximum of 3 nights around the conferenc dates (to cover set flight arrival days)

3. £100 cash to cover breakfasts and the free night

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Greenwood Overseas Skills Course Fund

This fund is designed to allow a small faculty (maximum four) of trainers familiar with the BAPS/RCS England Paediatric Surgical Skills Course to travel overseas for a three day visit to provide simulation training.     The host country should apply through the International Affairs Committee to BAPS.     The International Affairs Committee recognises the benefits of doing this in conjunction with other sources visiting the country from the UK, e.g. accompanying trauma courses supported by Ethicon, or ASGBI skills courses.

Twinning Arrangements

Most paediatric surgeons in the UK are approached on a regular basis for clinical attachments.    Acceptance is clearly at the discretion of the host unit and local deanery.    If BAPS IAC can facilitate these arrangements it is happy so to do, but it is not in the position of functioning as an agency for such applications, having neither the authority nor the resources.     Nonetheless, IAC is continuing to support such ventures.

Greenwood  Fellow 2012
Dr. Adesoji O Ademuyiwa  (Nigeria)    

Lister Fellow 2012

Dr Shilpa Sharma (India)                      

Scholars 2012:

Dr. Hanan Eldip (Egypt)                       

Dr. Aiah Lebbie (Sierra Leon)

Application for 2013 scholarships is now opened. Available scholarships for 2013 are:

  • One Lister Fellow
  • One BAPS  scholars