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Join CovidSurg Collaboration

Dear Colleagues,

COVID-19 is a rapidly expanding global challenge, placing a huge burden on healthcare systems. There is no evidence to inform the management of surgical patients with COVID-19 infection. Capturing real-world data and sharing international experience will support the management of this complex group of patients, improving their clinical care. We would like to invite you to join CovidSurg, an international collaboration of >2400 surgeons and anesthetists across 800 hospitals in 101 countries. Protocols and documentation (including guidance on study approvals) for our studies is available from

Studies include:

CovidSurg cohort study; This will capture all patients who undergo surgery and have COVID-19 infection either at the time of surgery or within 30 days of surgery. Centres can choose to include only children, only adults, or both children and adults. Data can be collected either retrospectively or prospectively.


Cancer-CovidSurg; This has been designed in response to feedback from collaborators. It will include all patients diagnosed with tumours that would normally require surgery (both operated and non-operated patients, COVID +ve and COVID -ve are included). Cancer-CovidSurg will determine (i) the frequency of hospital-acquired COVID-19 infection in elective surgery; (ii) the impact on COVID-19 infection on outcomes; (iii) delays to elective cancer surgery caused by the pandemic and consequent impact on oncological outcomes. Participating centres will be able to choose to collect data on one or more of the following patient groups: colorectal cancer, oesophagogastric cancer. Further cancer types will join the study in the near future.

Authorship will follow the GlobalSurg/ ESCP Cohort Studies model, with all collaborators will be recognised with PubMed-indexed collaborative co-authorship on any resulting papers (example:

To get involved, please register at:

Thank you for considering joining the CovidSurg collaboration.

Prof Adesoji O ADEMUYIWA
On behalf of the CovidSurg Collaborative

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