I           NAME

1.         The Association will be called the Pan-African Paediatric Surgical Association (PAPSA).


2.         The objectives of the Association are to serve the children of Africa.

(a)        To promote the practice, education, research and the advancement of Paediatric Surgery in all of Africa

(b)        To promote and maintain the highest clinical and ethical standards including in Research.

(c)        To encourage and arrange regular meetings for the interchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge and expertise.

(d)        To foster professional relations with Paediatric Surgeons throughout the world.



3.         Ordinary Members

Any person who is registered as a medical practitioner with the Registering Body of their Country of Practice is eligible for membership, provided that:

(a)        Their professional practice is confined to the practice of Paediatric Surgery, or largely engaged in Paediatric Surgical practice (at least 50%)

(b)        The nature of their practice is such as to give them special interest in the subject of Paediatric Surgery.

4.         Overseas Members: Surgeons engaged in Paediatric Surgery outside Africa.

5.         Honorary Members: Surgeons or others who have made outstanding contributions to PAPSA.

6.         Senior Members: Former ordinary or overseas members elected on their retirement from active practice.

7.         Associate Members:

(a)        Consultants in related specialities other than surgery.

(b)        Registrars or equivalent trainees in paediatric surgery, general surgery or other surgical specialities.

(c)        Other healthcare providers in related specialities

8.         Candidates for membership shall be elected by majority vote of the Executive Committee of the Association.



9.         The general direction and content of the policy and affairs of the Association shall be vested in the Executive Committee of the Association.

10.        The Executive Committee shall hold office for 4 years and shall consist of a President, a President-elect, an Executive Secretary/Treasurer, an Education Secretary, up to ten (10) members and the immediate Past-President.  Selection of office bearers should be representative of the membership of the Association.

11.        The President will be elected at the General Meeting and will hold office for 2 years with extension for another period for another 2 years.  The Presidency should rotate from region to region 

12.        The method of election of members of the Executive Committee will be by popular vote at the General Meeting of the Association.  Half the non-office bearers are to retire after 2 years, but may be eligible for re-election.

13.        The Executive Committee will meet prior to the General Meeting of the Association, and shall conduct the day-to-day business of the Association.

14.        The Executive Secretary/Treasurer of the Association shall keep records of all meetings of the Association and of its Executive Committee and shall conduct all correspondence in connection with the affairs of the Association.  The Executive Secretary/Treasurer shall receive all monies due to the Association and shall make all disbursements authorized by the Executive Committee and present the audited accounts at each General Meeting.

15.        The Executive Committee shall have the power to set up sub-committees and for this purpose may co-opt any member of the Association.

16.        Executive Committee decisions can only be ratified if a quorum of 6 members of the Executive Committee members is present.

17.        Membership is terminated on:

(a)        resignation from the Association, submitted in writing to the Executive Secretary.

(b)        failure of payment of due subscriptions for a period of 4 years. Membership may be reinstated on payment of arrear of subscriptions due.


V         MEETINGS

18.        The Association will meet every 2 years.  The meeting of the Association will include the Business Meeting of the Executive Committee and the General/Scientific Meeting of the Association


VI        ACTION

19.        The Association may take such action as may be deemed necessary in all matters affecting the legitimate interests of its members, provided that any action contemplated by the Association shall be in conformity with the stated policy of the Association for the time being in force.



20.        Proposals for alterations to the Constitution may be made by any member of the Association, provided they are submitted in writing to the Executive Secretary at least 3 months before the General Meeting.  All Members must be notified of these proposals.  Alterations to the Constitution may only be carried by a 2/3 majority of those present at the General Meeting.

In the event of the dissolution of the Association, remaining assets will be disbursed to a charitable organization.



21.        (a)        An annual subscription to be proposed by the Executive Committee shall be payable by members of the Association.



22.        The activities of the Association shall be suspended if at any time its membership is less than 10 members.